Whether you are having trouble finding, recruiting, retaining and motivating staff, struggling with employee expectations, or looking to develop or maintain a market-leading business with outstanding Human Resources practices and sustainable strategies, Five Star HR will partner with your organisation to help you get the most out of your most valuable asset – your people. Five Star HR is proud to be part of the HR Coach network, and uses evidence-based methodologies to develop a suite of services that deliver tangible and measurable returns for organisations. These services are tailored specifically to the needs of small-medium businesses.

We provide HR Services that will minimise risk and maximise sustainability.

The following Programs are our most popular services delivered to businesses, coupled with ongoing support and coaching:

  1. HR Audits - using a planned approach, we review your current HR practice, objectively identify issues, risks and opportunities within the business, and develop a 3, 6 or 12 month HR Plan for the business.
  2. HR Compliance Program - develop compliant employment contracts, new hire packs, onboarding and offboarding checklists and HR policies and procedures.
  3. HR Skills Coaching - to assist in building internal HR capability to manage day-to-day HR processes for administrators and managers.
  4. Online HRIS - implement a comprehensive, online core HRIS solution that streamlines, automates and simplifies HR processes (including recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, records management, leave management, performance management and training management).
  5. In-house Recruiter - Partner with the business to provide an end-to-end recruitment and selection service (without attracting expensive commissions).

We provide services that are relevant to your needs.  

Adhoc HR Advice and Support - From as little as $165 per month we can help you resolve your people issues simply and quickly.  We will provide phone and email support and answer all your employee related questions in relation to employment legislation and compliance and offer practical advice and solutions to all your staffing issues.

HR Project Manager - Perhaps you just need help on a short-term basis to manage a project, such as implement an online HRS or WHS system, support a restructure and redundancy process, or cover a long-term absence within your HR team. We can provide additional short-term support and HR expertise within your business.

Outsourced HR Manager & Coach - We can become your dedicated HR Manager (working onsite with your team on a regular scheduled basis – 1 day a week, month or fortnight) and look after all your HR responsibilities or we can offer a blended approach by coaching one of your existing staff members to take on the day-to-day HR activities, while we continue to provide strategic HR support.



Information, feedback and discussions do not substitute for your independent judgement and experience nor expert or legal advice.  By adopting a coaching method, our focus is to assist you in making informed decisions about your business by providing objective feedback.  Any application of recommendations provided is at the client’s discretion.  We do not warrant or guarantee that the coaching methods or the coaching provided, will work in any particular circumstances, for you or your business.   Under no circumstances (including but not limited to any act or omission on the part of a client) will Five Star HR be liable for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential damages or loss of profits whatsoever which result from any Services or any Content.