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Bamboo HR

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We are an official Partner of the world's no.1 rated HR Platform for SMBs - Bamboo HR

Serving more than 25,000 organizations and almost two million employees worldwide, BambooHR® is HR software designed for growing businesses. BambooHR makes it easy for growing companies to manage essential employee information in a personalized, cloud-based, and secure system. BambooHR customers include innovators like Asana, SoundCloud, Foursquare, Freshbooks, Stance, Reddit, and Magnolia Homes. With customers in 100 countries, BambooHR's goal is to set HR professionals and organizations free to do great work. 

The Advantages of a Robust HR Platform

From record keeping and benefits tracking to custom workflows and advanced reporting, BambooHR gives you the ability to streamline processes and take your HR practice higher. With new information at your fingertips and more freedom to use it, you’ll create a better place to work. Five Star HR can help you implement, AND create all the personalised policies, procedures and templates you require for your organisation. We can provide ongoing training, development and support on your new system - to ensure your employees get the smoothest and most efficient HR Platform on the planet.  

Free 7 Day Trial

Get in touch to arrange a free demo and 7 day trial of the incredible Bamboo HR software

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